My grail reveal.....

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  1. Some of you know I have been obsessing about a pre-loved barenia toile for a long time.... i have posted about my bag before i had it, asked docride, gracekelly and others loads of questions about care.... and asked lailat, ms piggy, jburgh, dressage queen, h&h lots of questions

    BEFORE i had a bag
  2. OOOH! Let's see it! I am in love with barenia toile!!!
  3. :nuts:
  4. Then my grail bag - perfectly pre-loved - showed up on jemznjewels over christmas....

    FOR CHRISTMAS i received a gorgeous chevre kelly 32 - vert olive - and i had to put aside thoughts of my grail because i thought it wrong to be greedy in the midst of a financial crisis.
  5. besides which, i was waiting for a project to be funded. first it was a go, then the ceo stepped down, and it was a no.... then i got pneumonia.... and all i could do was post other lovely bags in the ebay finds thread for entertainment

    while i stalked jemznjewel's bag
  6. and then this week, i caved. rachel was LOVELY, braving an ice storm to get my box to me. calling me and emailing me along the way to make sure i knew everything i needed to know.... she worked out a great deal for me.... and today
  7. Tada!!!!!

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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. YIPPEE!!!!!:happydance:

    Its a live one!!!!!!!
  11. Beautiful!!! Congratulations on getting your grail!:yahoo:
  12. OMG!!! You got one!!! Congratulations, its gorgeous.
    Carry her in health and happiness, I know you will!

    CB--(((WAVING))) love your avatar and weeine!
  13. oh, doloresmia! She's a beauty! Enjoy!!!
  14. and to top off the day.... i got a call this afternoon saying banks lifted the credit and the project was funded, be in sacramento Monday!


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  15. Congratulations!