my Graffiti box has arrived!!!

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  1. from the Crown Casino Boutique in Melbourne.... :wlae:
    Box1.jpg CardFilling1.jpg
  2. containing my Graffiti Pareo and Stephen Sprouse Book :yahoo:
    MyGraffitiPareo1.jpg MySprouseBook1.jpg
  3. Congratulations and enjoy!
  4. Congrats,gorgeous!
  5. the book is the first of its kind to feature the artist/designer Stepehen Sprouse. this special edition no only comes with a Louis Vuitton Graffiti dust cover, but also an additional chapter about Sprouse's collaboration with LV. among the photos are Sprouse's original Rose sketch and a Pochette Accessoires prototype in blue Graffiti:
    MySprouseBkRoseCover.jpg MySprouseBkLVChapter.jpg SprouseBkLVSegment.jpg SprouseBkRoseOrigSketch.jpg BlueGraffitiPochetteProto.jpg
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    now the Pareo blew me away! i love absolutely love it :yes: it can definitely be worn as a light scarf. which is perfect for those trans-seasonal weather. it also works well with more sombre colours and even mixed patterns :tup:

    these should tide me over until 2 February :yahoo:
    MyGraffitiPareo2.jpg MyGraffitiPareo3.jpg MyGraffitiPareoModOrg2.jpg MyGraffitiPareoModJkt2.jpg
  7. very nice, congrats!
  8. Congrats !! I really love your Pareo, should I get it :thinking:
  9. hey where did u get the book ? is it free or purchase from lv shop ?
  10. Love them both! My book should arrive this week as well....looking forward to getting it!
  11. Now I want one too! Mr Duck! Look what you did!
  12. The book is available from LV....cost $75 usd.
  13. Wow, congratulations!!! You're going to rock that pareo!
  14. Cool stuff. Congrats! x

    p.s. how about some modeling pics? :smile:
  15. thanks. wonder my country has it or not..