My Graff Engagement Ring...

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  1. I thought not many people here talking about Graff... I am really happy and in love with my ring.... and want to share it with more people here so more and more people will know the House of Graff!

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  2. Thanks to my husband-to-be!:heart:

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  3. beautiful- congrats on your engagement!
  4. Stunning!!!! Wishing you two a lifetime of health, happiness and lots of love ️
  5. Wow !! That is crazy stunning !! Congrats !!
  6. So gorgeous!

    Best wishes on a bright future together!
  7. That really is something else. So special and unique. Congrats!!
  8. Thank you for the warm wishes! Wish you a very happy and healthy life too!! :hugs:
  9. It is lovely. Major congrats on your engagement.
  10. Beautiful!
  11. So beautiful, congratulations
  12. Love the setting. Especially the shape of the halo.
  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations on your engagement. It looks stunning on you :smile:
  14. Thank you all!!!! Wish us all a happy and a healthy life~ :heart::tender:

    MBeech - I especially love the shape of the halo and the crown-like setting too! This is actually called "Star Flower" setting on Graff's website ^^
  15. Lucky lady in more ways than one! Congratulations and wishing you and your fiance many happy years together