My Gorgous new Chanel flats!

  1. I just got these the other day & i love them!!
    So i just thought i would share!
    ^ They look REALLY long there but they don't look that long irl!
  2. They are gorgeous!! Love them!
  3. beautiful, use them well!!
  4. :love:
  5. LOL I thought they looked long too when I received them. Congrats! Enjoy them. They are super comfy too. :smile:
  6. Those are super chic... Congrats!
  7. Stunning, congrats!
  8. Thanks everyone!! They are so pretty i keep looking at them!

    LOL yea they do look abit long i was like "They wont fit me! they are too big!" but they wernt they where just right!
    How long have you had them for? Are they holding up well?
  9. love Chanel flats, congrats!
  10. Oh, I absolutely love those! I plan on them being one of my next Chanel purchases. :smile:

    Can you tell me if they are comfortable? My only hesitancy with them is the fact that the ball of the foot has no padding, just a layer of the leather insole.
  11. I have only been wearing them for a few days but yea they are really nice and comfortable! I tried on a few sizes at the boutique and walked around the boutique alot with them on!
    I went up a half size just to make it abit more comfortable around my toes where the patent leather bit is,
    But they are sooo nice! :heart:
  12. they look so comfty and chic! congrats!
  13. those are so cute. I was eyeing them at Saks today but I didn't try them on.
  14. those are beautiful!!! GREAT BUY
  15. Great looking pair!