My Gorgeous Sandstone Twiggy is here!

  1. This amazing beauty came yesterday... Sandstone twiggy! The leather and color is amazing! I could own this color in every style! You know I had major hesitations about the twiggy style, as I only have city bags, but I love the TWIGGY! This is a super fun style.

  2. You rock every bag you model, Shasta!
    It's adorable and Im glad you love it.
  3. Just lovely! :tup:
  4. You totally ROCK that bag, Shasta! :yahoo: I love the Twiggy on you! Congrats!!!!!!:tup:
  5. Yayyy shasta you finally found your Sandstone:yahoo: and the Twiggy looks fab on you. :tup:I love the new hair cut too.;):heart:Now we have to get you a Day bag too.:yes:
  6. Your bag is gorgeous, and so are you!
  7. Gorgeous and it looks perfect on you. Sandstone is one of the best colors ever IMO and the leather on almost all of them is fabulous. Congratulations!
  8. Wow it's so great on you!!! I love this bag!!! It's a beauty!!!
  9. Wow, i love the sandstone twiggy on you. :tup: typically im not much of a twiggy fan, but that looks gorgeous!
  10. It looks great on you!! You're going to love sandstone!! :smile:
  11. You totally rock this bag!
    It's gorgeous, the leather is so shiny and looks so soft!
  12. That bag is absolutely beautiful! and so are you! :biggrin:
  13. I love the twiggy.It looks like its an addictive model.Thanks for sharing and congrats you both look fab together.
  14. Congrats!
  15. I'm glad you're happy with the twiggy. I think it's a great size and shape that is often overlooked. Sandstone is the perfect neutral color. Congrats!