My Gorgeous Sale Bag - Preconditioned and ready for a nite out!!!!

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    Thanks to many of you who gave me pics and information on this bag, and
    to Smooth and others who took time out to tell me how you conditoned and
    pretreated your lambskin bags..........Here she is..........First she was pre-treated
    with Loving My Bags, Leather Pro Treatment, 2 thin coats. Then after drying
    thoroughly, she was treated with two coats of shining monkey (Thanks Mon)-
    After drying thoroughly, I took a daring test........applied with a q-tip a little
    ketchup (HORRORS) on the bottom, let it dry for a while and.......PRESTO......
    it all came off with of all things an armorall leather cleaning all is great....she can go out safely. According to instructions, a coat of protection
    should be applied every couple of months., but, I will see if it is needed that often.......Bye the way, no change in color or feel of the leather......right after
    spraying some brownish flecks showed but disappeared as soon as the bag dried.
    DSCN0107_edited.jpg DSCN0108_edited.jpg DSCN0109_edited.jpg
  2. beautiful!
    You were brave to do a test! Good job :smile:

    Where did you buy your shining monkey at?
  3. I ordered both the lovin my bags pro treatment and the shining monkey on the web., they arrived really quickly. Will keep them always in stock at the house now. :heart:H

  4. It's beautiful! Where are you taking her? Post pics when you get ready to go out so we can see modeling pics! are the best!
  5. Wow, that bag looks in boutique condition now! What on earth did the ketchup remove?

    Do you think any of the Lovin' my bags products would remove scuff marks where the color has lightened on caviar, or is a touch up of dye necessary?
  6. wow.. thanks for sharing the tips. I am so gonna do it with my lady diors, they are lambskin too.
  7. WOW! Your bag is a beauty:love:
  8. Irish, our first outing will be to the new Gorgeous opera house in Miami and then for a late supper......

    Roey......the Ketchup was used by me,....a little tiny bit to test the stain repellent treatment., and it went away with an armorall wipe.....I only used the Loving my bags
    pro treatment which is a pre-treatment to preserve the bags and prevent water and stains from ruining them., but I am sure all their products are just as good. Shining Monkey was awesome too.......Will keep you posted if any stains get on it how the pre-treatment works.....:heart:H

  9. What a soft looking bag, indeed you better take care of that beauty!
  10. I love this bag! It is gorgeous and good job on protecting it! :biggrin:
  11. Oh wow, H!! That bag is so gorgeous in this color! I'm such a big fan of this bag anyway. It holds a ton, has a beautiful slouch and the leather is TDF! I'm going to buy the products you did and treat my black baby with them. Congrats! (And hope you're doing well! :flowers:)
  12. wow it looks brand new!:nuts: glad it 'passed" the ketchup test and thanks so much for sharing the info!:yes:
  13. Thanks for sharing the tip.. also she's so gorgeous.... :heart:
  14. wow! it looks gorgeous! and thanks so much for sharing the all the info too!
  15. congrats!!