My gorgeous Rouge paddy and bonus blanc pocket paddy!!!

  1. Oh my goodness, I'm jumping for joy! :yahoo:

    I missed out on the NAP rouge paddington sale, and I needed a chloe fix, so I went to Nordstrom's to browse and what did a find??? a rouge paddy! I had them put it on hold and told them I would be back with proof of the NAP sale so that they would price match.

    I had company coming over for dinner that night, so I got distracted and it was well into the evening before I got around to getting the printout...hoping it would still be on NAp. It was, so I dashed out "just running a quick back shortly" to make my way back to Nordies.

    As I walked into the handbag department, I spotted a blanc pocket paddy on the SALE table :drool: Nervously checking the tag, I found it had been marked down to $600.

    This bag was most certainly not there earlier that day. I talked to the SA and some had just brought it in as a return.:wtf:

    It is absolutely to die for!!! I love it above all my other bags....

    So, I came home with 2 beauties, both at amazing prices. I stashed them in the garage until company left :graucho: .
    P1230104r.JPG P1230105r.JPG P1230110r.JPG P1230112r.JPG P1230113r.JPG
  2. wow great deals! how did you get Nordies to price match?
  3. Woooow!!! 2 in one trip! I wish I get lucky like that one of these days! Oooops, I'm on a purse ban... heheheh....
  4. Yea! I love to hear about someone getting a great deal!
    They are wonderful! Wowsa to scoring the blanc!:yahoo: Just in time for spring!
  5. great deals! love the blanc, it's gorgeous.
  6. wow!! that was awesome congratulations!! they are both gorgeous i really love the blanc pocket paddy!! i've been searching forever for a sale on what i want but i just can't find one yet...but good job!
  7. Those Chloe are sooo hot! I love the rouge one! The white is just divine!
  8. :nuts: you lucky lucky girl! Those two are real beauties!:drool:
  9. Fantastic deal!!! Why can't I find things like this? I am very jealous. ;)
  10. Woo Hoo - how lucky were you!

    Well done. We don't often get that lucky and boy those are amazing bags.

    COngrats - I am sure you spent the rest of the evening with your company with a huge smile on your face!

    WEll done again
  11. O cangrats! you are so lucky, girl! I would die to get a paddy for such a good price ! The blanc is totally TDF!
  12. What a great story...and incredible deals!!! AUGH! The Blanc is gorgeous....lucky YOU!!! Hope it's ok that I enlarged your pic so I can drool without clicking on a thumbnail!! :drool:
  13. Two great deals in one day! Fantastic!
  14. That's a fantastic deal! Congrats!
  15. That rocks, congrats! :nuts: