MY GORGEOUS new purchase and mixed feelings lol pics!

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  1. Here it is guys my newest purchase...
    I went to LV with my mind put on the tobago shoebag and the utah Mohican, but when I got there my SA (she is just the BEST ever) said she had something to show me! :yes:
    She said they got only one in each colour and only in the GM size and when she saw it she tought it was for me :heart: :p .
    So I had this, the shoebag and the mohican all together there infront of me.
    It was really hard to decide but I went for the BEQUIA!!!!

    Altough I have this really strange feeling, when I have the bag in my hands and see it, smell it (yeah it smells soooooooooooo delicious lol) I LOVE this Bequia trotteur GM, is such a GORGEOUS design and so discret also it is very versatile and organized, BUT when it seats in its box away from my sight I think I could just add a little bit more of money and get 2 or even 3 other LV bags for that money....

    I think I am loosing my mind LOL

    What do u guys think? Should I keep it or change it? I need to hear opinions/advices from others with this LV obsession lol ;)

    P.S. Tnx Mr D.Duck for the advices I still LOVE the shoebag but sadly I realized it doesn't suit my needs so I had to leave it :sad:

    finally after all the blah blah lol :p here are the pictures!!!!!!!





  2. IMG_7592.JPG

  3. I absolutely love it! It looks great on you, so classy!

    You should keep it!
  4. Keep it, it looks great on you!
  5. Congrats! Cute bag and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the hair! :biggrin:
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. keep it!! you rock it!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  8. loves it!
  9. You have a large ... camera.

    Lovely bag, love the colour!
  10. You know I think it's hot, and those pics make it look even hotter!!! KEEP IT!!!!
  11. keep It, Keep It, Keep It!
  12. This bag looks terrific on you and I think you really preferred this over the other choices you had since this is the one you took home!! Your first instinct was right on --- keep the bag!!
  13. When I first saw this bag I loved it too, alas at the time I wanted the smaller one and they didnt have it and I just couldnt pull the trigger on the big one. I havent had them track the smaller one down for me but your pics make me want sooooo nice...
  14. Congratulations! Love the leather!:yahoo: I can't wait for my bequia to arrive!
  15. Congrats!
    It looks amazing on you!