My gorgeous new flap (pics)!!!!

  1. It just came, a day earlier than I expected! This is the bag that I was asking about yesterday...the LE flap that is the size of the medium classic and for only $ is soooo pretty (black caviar with silver hardware and silver interior)....anyone know what it is called and how long they will be around...I think I want the brown one now too....
    august 046.jpg august 047.jpg
  2. Here it is...
    august 048.jpg august 049.jpg august 050.jpg august 051.jpg
  3. you are right, she is gorgeous! congrats!
  4. gorgeous!
  5. This is the Modern Chain flap and it is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  6. very nice! it is the modern chain flap! i LOVE the interior color!!

  7. so gorgeous, congrats.
  8. I was admiring this at the Chanel store recently :heart: Congrats! :drool:
  9. gorgeous2... does it come in white or cream???
    enjoy it.. great choice!!
  10. My SA told me it only came in black and brown...I would love a red one...
  11. wow, the 07 MC flap has the silver leather inside. gorgeous. the 06 ones are black interior.
  12. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  13. Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  14. That's what I'm (hopefully) getting at the EGC event this month!!!!
    Congrats, she's beautiful!!!
  15. love the mc flap, congrats!