my gorgeous christmas gifts!

  1. Congrats! Love your Muse and the shoes as well!
  2. Your muse is beautiful! I love, love, love that color!! :love::love: Congrats and Merry Christmas!!
  3. Your new Muse is HOT~!
  4. What color is that Muse? Pretty!! Congrats!! Both are beautiful!
  5. Congrats on the muse - great bag!
  6. Hi sweetea, that is the medium muse in white;)
  7. Congrats & enjoy. =)
    I white Muse.
  8. Congrats. Both are great items and will last you a long time.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. congrats, gorgeous gifts
  11. SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wear it in good health....LOVE IT
  12. thanks everyone:happydance: :smile: ! im glad i received the white, i was initially thinking of getting the dark purple one i saw on LVR, but im really happy with the white, its such a classic!
  13. Ohh I love the color- good choice- it is so elegant and classic!!