My goodness the new season's Joelle shoulder bag is beautiful

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  1. Oh, I love the slouchy looking yet kind of structured Joelle shoulder bag in oak. :drool:
    Its price is quite reasonable too, I think. That bag wants to be mine!
    Am I right in thinking that bags of a neutral colour such as black and oak tend not to go on sale?
  2. i agree with you, i love all the new Joelle bags!!!! (even though i like the tote version the most i think)

    i'm not sure whether they'll go on sale :confused1: sorry i can't be of any help!
  3. Classic designs in classic colours don't tend to go on sale unless they're being discontinued (eg Annie, Emmy, Phoebe).

    However, bags that don't get that classic status (eg Mollie) have gone on sale in oak, choc, black.

    If the Joelle isn't a great seller, it possibly will go on sale :tup:
  4. I agree = the Joelle shoulder bag it very classic looking - understated and chic - cant wait to have a look at one irl.
  5. The large bay was just on sale in Oak so maybe some do.
  6. i like the look of it too......hopefully they will turn up in the factory shops.
  7. Agreed, the Joelle shoulder bag is lovely! Here's hoping it goes in the sale...
  8. Yep me too !!

    Love this bag and will be hoping to get one at some point this spring !!

    ( wedding Anniversary in February :graucho: ...and I do believe that the modern gift

    for nine years is......LEATHER :biggrin:)
  9. Sweetpeach is that a red east west Bayswater in your avatar? Wow, it's gorgeous.
    Taz - lucky you! Show us pics at once when you get it.
  10. Claire, it's a red Ledbury...I hadn't noticed until now that because of the angle of the photograph, it looks rather long-ish like the east-west!