My Goodness! I was "propositioned" at H this Saturday!?!

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  1. This Saturday I was browsing at H-- I just moved to a new town and I've just starting a relationship with my new local SA. And then just like that...

    He propositioned me!!!!

    ...For a appointment to sit down and create a Special Order!

    It's not the ideal time for me to invest in something very special (read: my dream croc bag with a contrast lining) but I'm worried that if I pass this opportunity up, that when I am ready I might not be able to take advantage of this in the future.

    Give me your input please!!
  2. Congratulations! This would be my dream as well! :love:

    Is there a different bag you can SO now that you have your eye on? Or just the croc? I would say that if arn't ready to invest now, there will always be another time later. Don't strain youself
  3. Thank you. I'm just shocked... When he mentioned it, I had to pause (for what seemed like an hour) to collect my thoughts. From what he said, it sounds like it is an actual SO and not a Podium Order-- which I think means I can request colors that are being 'rested'. Can anyone confirm this?

    This past H 'experience' does make me wonder what exactly my old SA said about me ;)
  4. Congrats Citigirl on your proposition!!:PYou can request a rested color but they may say no. I requested a rested color: Paris said no and then made the bag for me!!!:nuts:So you never know!!:shrugs:
  5. citgirl, :noworry: the answer is easy: 1. You look at my sig. 2. Then request something to my liking
    [Enter LMP] 3. I swoop in and buy it--haha :wlae:


    What an amazing opportunity! I say sit down and really crunch numbers to see if your croc actually can be attained by the time it comes in :balloon:

    GL and let us know how it goes.
  6. Congratulations! Being offered a SO is act of recognition and honour bestowed on a customer by H. To me, the opportunity is far more pleasant than getting the bag! LOL! :lol:

    Your SA will guide you, in letting you know what can be offered to you. Sometimes, what's offered in one store is not offered in another, and sometimes what's offered to one customer can also differ, at the same store.
  7. Julide- What rested color did you get? When Paris said no, did you just get a random call
    out of the blue saying they made your bag anyway, or did you select a different color and were pleasantly surprised at pickup? How long did it take to arrive? What was your appointment like for making the order (ie: did they have samples of the color in the actual leather you ordered, or did you have to use your imagination?

    LittleMsPerfect-I think it's attainable financially. It is just... conceptually overwhelming at the moment: I'm in a new city, in a new house, surrounded by unpacked boxes. I feel so... irresponsible ? I don't have a clue where my pots and pans are in this mess, and yet I'm thinking about special ordering a croc Kelly? At least it will be a fantastic story to put in my memoirs. :greengrin:

    Everyone- I'm by no means a VVIP, I've been a steady customer over the years. I've visited several H stores in different countries while traveling and almost always picked something small up as a gift or memento. Do you think this is why I was given such a rare opportunity? Can one turn down (or ...delay) this kind of offer and still expect to be able to SO in the future?
  8. LOL when I read the thread title, I was thinking uh-oh, not another psycho in the store!

    But so glad this proposition was made to you, citigirl!

    I would not reject the opportunity outright. Sit down with your new SA, and go through the leather book. Even if you think this is not the right time for a croc SO, perhaps a normal leather bi-color bag is? There are so many possibilities!

    So excited for you, citigirl.. keep us updated on how it goes!
  9. mrssparkles: I know what you mean. It really is something very special.

    Do you know what the H policy on employees accepting token gifts after the purchase? If I do go through with it, I'd like to show my appreciation.

    pyrexia: I'm usually the psycho in the store ;) Okay, maybe not a psycho, but I may have done the following things over the years...

    1- Made & brought petit fours to the staff made with orange fondant to look Hermes Boxes.
    2- Brought my pup to Hermes, turned my back on her for a half moment, and she tried to climb inside another customer's Garden Party tote! I was so embarrassed. All I could think to say was "She really likes the smell of Togo leather" (PS-- who the heck leaves their purse on the floor of a store??)
    3- When my beloved Vespa pouch was stolen, joking offered a bounty to any SA who saw it and stalled the culprit while I arrived.

  10. Citigirl I will make a reveal thread as soon as I get it!!;)I got the call from my SA saying that they had said no, I can't remember about any other options. Sorry:shame:I thought well ok, at least I tried!! Then about 6 months later I got a call from my SA saying you are never going to believe what showed up today!!!:yahoo:As far as my appointment went, I live miles away from the nearest H so my SO was over the phone and when traveling to cities where there was a H, I was asking constantly to see a leather book to check different combos. I think my process was around a span of a couple months!!! Actually all my SO have been this way!! Your experience will be so wonderful!!:tender:Congrats and please let me know how it goes!!:flowers:
  11. Every Christmas, there is a thread "can I give gifts". And the answer is sorta.
    You can give gifts that can be shared by the store ie, edible arrangements, petit fours, cookies, ect.
    No material gifts.
  12. LMAO, Citigirl! At least you weren't the psycho demanding a Birkin and threatening to throw a tantrum if you didn't get one... :lol:

    I have given my SA chocolates (a box big enough to share with all the other SAs). I think something small that can be shared is acceptable. Nothing too personal, I guess. Or maybe a nice note to the SA, and another to the SM praising the SA. I'm sure that would be very appreciated.
  13. I think you should totally take up this opportunity. You'll have time to get settled in your new home, and find pots and pans, way before the croc treasure is made and delivered to your store. It'd be the most amazing purchase to start your new life at the new place! :drinkup: