My goodness, e/w stams have arrived in stores!

  1. MJ las vegas called again to tell me they got in the e/w stam! As well as little stam, stam hobo, bleeker, and amy hobo in new colors this morning. I just got the message from Kay! I bought the e/w stam in mouse and I'm so excited I hear it is beautiful! You can view it on their website, under fall bags. 702 369 3127 Call and ask for Kay.
  2. Congrats! You must post pics when you get the bag!
  3. Congrats! Would love to see the mouse on the E/W!!!
  4. Congrats! Hope you will love Mouse E/W Stam. =)
    Thanks for the info on new bags, I will have to make arrangements to stop by MJ store this weekend.