My Goodies, My Goodies....!


has an LV fund...
Jun 18, 2007
Legacy and Ocelot ponytail scarves, Bleecker signature capacity wristlet in khaki/wine from Santa (Mom and Dad).
Black signature Gallery tote from SO. This one was a complete surprise...I love it!

Love it all really! Need to work on additions to the wish list!
Pics to enjoy!


  • ocelot model.jpg
    ocelot model.jpg
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  • legacy ponytail scarf.jpg
    legacy ponytail scarf.jpg
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  • Bleecker capcity wristlet.jpg
    Bleecker capcity wristlet.jpg
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  • black gallery tote.jpg
    black gallery tote.jpg
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  • gallery tote inside.jpg
    gallery tote inside.jpg
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