my goodies make the girls come to the umm...

  1. sorry for the LAME reference haha but i just had to... ;)

    Ok so my mommy took me shopping and of course i had to get her a little somethin something too...ok fine she paid for it but i enabled her!! but i thought you guys will get a kick outta the story!!

    My mom is this short little indian (dot not feather ;) ) lady...she carries a lv purse and has no desire to change it daily (only for parties) she needed a wallet and we were like ok well get a matching LV one, but she HATED the lv wallets haha but she fell in love with this coach wallet! she said it was "very very perfect" (picture that with a think indian accent, its funnier ;) )

    So I included pics....also i dont think i ever included pics of my orange bracelet, i love it!

    While in dallas i also bought:
    - Gucci handbag
    - Gucci crest silver necklace
    - Gucci money clip
    - Gucci twilly
    - LV bracelet
    - LV bandeau
    - Tiffany keychain
    - Tiffany twilly
    - Coach wallet
    - A LOT of clothes (bcbg, lacoste, zara etc etc)

    :smile: hope you guys like everything!!!
  2. I love all your new goodies! Especially your LV bandeau! I have that same coach wallet in the mineral color and I absolutely LOVE it! It is very very perfect and I'm so happy that your mom found a wallet that she liked so much!:wlae:
  3. Ooo....nice goodies!!!!! LOVE everything!!!! That bracelet is AWESOME!
  4. Congrats on your goodies! I like how you say "dot not feather"! Cute! We live on an Indian Reservation so I got a little giggle out of it! Enjoy all your things!
  5. Oh my the eye candy! I cannot fathom! Oi! What you have done to my heart, what pretties!
  6. Cute story. Thanks for sharing.
  7. i LOVE that wallet.. i was originally going to get the pebbled leather like the one you got, but ended up getting it in the signature stripe. but i LOVE the zip around style. your things will never fall out! =P
  8. Wow! What a great shopping spree!
  9. Great haul! I just ordered that same wallet and *patiently* awaiting its arrival. Love the story. I tried to picture the Indian accent about the wallet, but in my head it kept sounding like Tweety bird? Sorry-it was a very long night! If you do not mind my asking, where in Dallas did you find that perticular Coach wallet? I am heading there in a few days and would like to check out some of the other stuff. Was it NorthPark?
  10. Love that wallet! and your story is very cute - it's nice you can get your mom to splurge...especially when she buys you stuff too ;)
  11. I'll never forget the time my brother in law told his parents that his new girlfriend was father-in-law immediately asks "dot or feather?"

    My SIL got it right away and were laughing so hard we were crying.

    (she's a dot, not a feather...heheheh)

    Great purchases!! Enjoy them!
  12. WOW amazing haul, congrats!! Love everything!
  13. I have the same wallet with nickel trim, I guess it was last years. I found it at the outlet. I love it, it is one of my favorite wallets. (I am hard to please in the wallet department). Your mom is right it is perfect, perfect.

    Love all the goodies. Great taste.
  14. "dot not feather".....cute!!

    Love everything!! I have that same Tiffany scarf!!
  15. omg lovely....just so mom went to dallas and all she got me was a cowgirl hat...