My goodies from the Round Rock outlet!

  1. I was planning on going to both the San Marcos and Round Rock outlets tomorrow, but the friend I was going with canceled on me, so I ended up making a super last minute trip to Round Rock with another friend. I was hoping to find a good deal, and I really feel like I did! And since I'm totally wired from all the caffeine and driving, I'll share with you guys. ;)

    Introducing my new Large Ergo Tote in Camel! I got it for just $239 plus tax. I absolutely adore the size, shape AND the legacy stripe lining. I'm totally addicted to that pattern! I've been wanting an Ergo for a long time, and I think I'll get a lot of good out of this. I can fit my work files or a laptop for client meetings, or just tote around a metric tone of my crap.



    I tried on a Bleeker flap in both the dark green and the whiskey, but they were both scratched to hell and back, and I couldn't justify making the purchase because of that. There was also a large messenger-style flap in clay and a jillion wallets in clay, but the leather was also super scratched. I carried around a couple of bags before finally deciding on the camel Ergo, including the same tote in black. I finally decided that the camel was the perfect neutral color to join my little Coach family!

    I also received the red Soho wristlet I won off eBay today in the mail, and won the Grace sunglasses in burgundy on eBay for only $51!! With shipping it came to right at what I paid for the pink ones.


    Now, I am officially on a Coach BAN until I get birthday money! :smile: I cannot believe that since Christmas, my collection has grown from 1 to 6!!! Although, I think it may grow from 6 to 7 on Monday when we have a very belated Christmas with the in-laws...*evil grin*
  2. Congrats on your Ergo!! They're sooooooooo light, they feel like heaven on my shoulder and are a great style - yet for some reason I've only been attracted to the turquoise one...
  3. Oh I sooooooo wanted the turquoise one when it came out. I went into the boutique no less than 10 times to try it on and drool. Sadly, by the time I could buy it, it was long gone. Oh well!
  4. Yeah, I know!! The turquoise one is definitely TDF!! But your camel one will go with just about anything!! I keep seeing the HUGE ones at my outlet and I just think about how I could just carry around one of my preschoolers in them!! Hahaha.

    Are you going to get a charm or keyfob for it?? ;)
  5. I love it. Congrats!
  6. I own that very same tote. Congrats! She will serve you well.
  7. COngrats- the tote is super cute...I went to foley yesterday and their outlet had nothing special...very disappointing
  8. Wow, congrats! I love the ergo tote.
  9. Beautiful Ergo! Despite the lack of a closed top like a flap or zipper, this one would make me think twice as its so pretty!
  10. wow what a great buy!! i love all of your new pieces!
  11. Congrats, so pretty... :heart:
  12. Congrats! I just picked up the camel large ergo hobo at my outlet the day after Christmas!
  13. OMG!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Lovely! what a STEAL!
  15. You girls have found some great things at your outlets. I went to mine a couple of days ago and it was bare!!!! Congrats on the tote!!