My goodies from Karen!

  1. Not a purchase but since Matt, John and Michelle have all posted the things they got from Karen, here are mine, I just received them today! I haven't watched the dvds yet but I can't wait to. She's just the sweetest :heart:
    And ALSO, I got the call for my Pomme Speedy keyring but I can't pick it up until Sunday because I'm going to South Coast Plaza tomorrow. But I can't wait!
  2. WOW! She does have an excellent customer service. Love your gift.
  3. cute! congrats:smile:
  4. cool, thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice to have LV insider friends. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! Can't wait to see your Pomme Speedy keyring.
  6. She's sooo sweet:love: Can't wait to see your Pomme speedy keyring too.
  7. WOW!! Love the gift, Lucky you!
  8. That's so nice! Congrats!
  9. an updated pic of your Speedy inclusions when you pick up your pomme!
  10. Aw. You gotta love Karen!
  11. COngrats :yahoo:
  12. Hehe definitely!

    And thanks everyone!
  13. :supacool: !!! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!
  14. nice!!!
  15. Love the MJ keychain- karenk must be super sweet!