My good old Dylan bowler got a jacket

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  1. I have Dylan Bowler in Midnight croc pattern for some time now, but got some wardrobe for it:

    Tolani scarf and Hayden Harnett charm


    Danier jacket and Tolani wool scarf


    This is my work bag, and the ONLY blue bag I have :flowers:
  2. I don't think I have ever seen a dylan with the croco pattern like this. Do you remember what year you got it. Very nice bag and I love the jacket and scraf that you have with it!! I want a leather jacket similar to that for fall.
  3. ^ My thoughts exactly, I would love to know where you purchased it from...its gorgeous!
  4. hi olidivia and espinosa, I got it from a dear tPF-er, she bought it on LP sample sale in spring 2008..I have never seen it myself since is amazing, just crossbody strap detached because I assumed it could hold all my student papers :shame: but it could not. I got it back but I carry it only with handles on my shoulder
  5. They look beautiful together, well done!

  6. thanks Linda :flowers:
  7. What a gorgeous unique bowler! You've done a lovely job of pairing it with the scarves and jacket!
  8. thanks Carmelita !!! :biggrin:
  9. LOVELY!! Perfect for fall (if it ever gets here!) LOL
  10. oh, I have a fall here already, it started few weeks ago, and this is perfect for this chill :biggrin:
  11. Love the outfit. I didn't even know LP had patterns like this. But then again, I'm fairly new to LP. :P Thanks for sharing!
  12. I did not know either, this is the only one I have ever seen

    BTW o_luxurious, what is a sweet secret in your avatar ?
  13. ^ I downloaded an app on my phone that can take pics with a polaroid frame around them. As for the writing, I looked for a "sharpie-like" font on the internet and layed over the pic. ;) :idea:
  14. love it ;)