My Good News beautiful and soft

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  1. Unfortunately, Sydney Chanel don't carry this range. So i search far and above.

    I finally got my new soft n chain pouchette. Absolutely love the chain and softness of the bag.

    Thanks for the hookup Jag:tup::yahoo: and an awesome SA- Lisa (Neiman Marcus, Troy) .


  2. Awwww it looks really yummy!
  3. It looks so cute on you, congrats!
  4. thanks xanderbsb and nerdphanie.
  5. gorgeous...
  6. cute & gorgeous!
  7. Nice. May i know how did you order?
  8. I love that, been thinking of getting a white one, is it the same size as a E/W?
  9. It's very cute on you! And how nice that a tpfer was able to give you a connection.
  10. Congrats on your new bag! :biggrin:
  11. That looks great on you!!! Love that size...Congrats!
  12. cute bag allbrandspls! looks great on you! congrats :smile:
  13. Love it!!! :heart:
  14. Very cute. I like it. Congrats.
  15. You both look very cute, congrats!!