My Good Luck?!

  1. I just had to share this...

    This afternoon I was leaving my apartment to go exchange a skirt- while I was unlocking my bike, a bird pooped right on my head. I mean gross, directly on my bangs, splash onto my nose poop! :sad:

    I wash up, go to the store and when I come back I check my mail and inside is a box from a company I've never heard of before. I take it up and inside is a big box of the Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume!!!! With it was a note explaining I was one of the first place winners from the games we all played months ago:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I've always heard that having a bird poop on you would bring good luck- maybe now I'll believe it more. The prize made my new year start out just right- I hope you all enjoy yours!!!
  2. Lucky you! And congrats!
  3. congrats on the perfume! and i'm sorry about the bird poop :/ i never did believe that bit about it being good luck to be pooped on by a bird. it's just like when they say rain on your wedding day means good luck... to make people feel better!
  4. Oh wow! What a story!! I've had birds poop on me a couple of times while I'm walking my dog, but I don't think it was ever followed by good luck! LOL!

    Congrats on your prize!!!
  5. That's a great surprise :smile: I've never had birds poop on me before but if it will bring me a nice surprise like it did to you, I guess I won't mind. Haha. Congrats on the perfume!!!
  6. That's a nice surprise! Congrats on the perfume and sorry to hear about the bird poop! :push:
  7. Awesome story!
  8. I haven't had a bird poop on me since I was a child, but maybe that's why I haven't had the best of luck with contests.

    Congrats to you!! May more birds poop on you in 2008!:yahoo:
  9. Wow, that is a weird coincidence - or maybe it really does mean good luck? But anyways, congratulations!
  10. LOL... sorry =x

    but yay for you ... i never win things =D
  11. hahaha congrats! but yeah, i'm not sure if it's a cultural thing or what, but my mom's always told me that if you step in poo or if you step in poo it means you're going to have good luck.
  12. Congrats, nice to know real people are winning those contests!!
  13. thanks ladies.

    muggles, i know- i NEVER win anything and enter everything! ahaha

    and no thanks thithi, i think one poop on me will do for this year!! :roflmfao::throwup::roflmfao:
  14. That's a funny story, Congratulations on the MJ Daisy I like that scent (and bottle is so cute). Good start to the New Year!
  15. What a cute story! Congrats!!