My Golden Reveal!

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  1. This is what I got at the outlet today. I paid only $136 for all of these after tax. I am wondering about the wallet, do I have to worry about peeling or fading? Please let me know. TIA.

  2. Congratulations.. I have the same concerns with my Zoe that is a metalic color but so far no one has really answer the question??
  3. Super pretty buys, I love the wallet! Congrats on your lovely purchases!
  4. Very nice items! I'm not sure about the peeling..people have talked about it but I've never seen it happen yet.. hopefully we get some answers!
  5. I think you should be careful, and spray it with a "guard" before using. I saw the slim version of that Madison wallet at my outlet (which was probably a customer return) and it was really faded & worn in a lot of areas. I didn't buy that one because I was worried too :sad:
    I would not want to use it for an everyday wallet that is beat up regularly - can someone confirm what she could spray it with? Apple?
  6. I love the wallet, because I think it could be used as a clutch and also, the color has the wow factor. Thanks everyone for looking.
  7. Congrats. The fish fob is so cute!
  8. BTW, I forgot to mention I love the keychains & wristlet too! And I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of the zip-around! Love gold! Just be careful :smile:
  9. Thanks, Kells1983. I know I will not use this as an everyday wallet. If the wallet does fade and wore out pretty easily, will Coach repair it?
  10. oohh... pretty stuff!! the wallet is super cute!
  11. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments!
  12. I believe Coach cannot repair metallic leather fading/peeling/flaking. If you wear it a few times and see it fading, you could return it. But because the metallic leather isn't "dyed," it just has a metallic spray over it that will wear over time... there are a couple of threads where they talked about it recently:
  13. ^After reading those threads, I am having 2nd thoughts about the wallet. What should I do?

  14. I thought about this but the Zoe came with a card that says that it should not be treated so I am concerned about it!! Thank you Kells
  15. Oh no! I didn't mean to ruin your reveal! I would suggest that you hang on to it (such a good price, I'm sure!), but keep your receipt and tags handy, so if it starts fading & you don't like it, you can at least return it & get your money back.

    I haven't seen the results of the Apple Guard Spray on metallics, but it was suggested in this thread:

    I was going to try it on my platinum Bridgit before using it, but I haven't used it yet. Maybe someone can start a thread & find out?