My Golden Reveal #2

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  1. I also bought a pair of shoes at DSW for $61 after tax. Do the wallet and shoes go together or is it too much? Does anyone know what season these shoes are from and what they retail for? Do Coach sneakers last? Because these are my first pair.

  2. coach sneakers are great! I have had a pair for about 8 months and wear them all the time(school and work) and they haven't started to fall apart. it is alot of gold but I think with a toned down outfit it would be fine.
  3. Thanks, Eva4789. These shoes are very light and I guess I am so used to my heavy Nikes.
  4. I think sitting next together, the 2 items are a lot of gold. That said, I don't think you are going to be carrying the wallet between your feet. There is a bit of distance between the 2 so I think they'd be fine carried together, especially with a toned down outfit as eva mentioned.
  5. Wow... I didn't know that coach made either of those gold items. Congrats on your finds.

    BTW... I think you'll be fine as long as you don't carry your wallet with your feet. :amuse:

    They will probably look better w/ toned down outfit too.
  6. Way cute. I walked around the outlet tonite for 30 mins with that same wallet in my hand. If they had it in silver, i would have bought it for sure.
  7. ^^ :true:
  8. Pretty. I LOVE the!
  9. bling bling!!! talk about 24karat!
    its alot, but i think youll be fine. the wallet would be in your bag anyway....
  10. I had that same gold wallet in my hand [but I went with the Rose Gold Cricket that called my name from across the store] & it is a bright gold. However, if you were a monochrome outfit I think it would be sharp. You just need to watch what other accessories you wear with it. I am basing this on the fact that you would be using that wallet more as a clutch. If, like wifeyb said, you actually are going to carry it in your bag then it does not really matter since no one will really see the wallet. I would be interested to see what you ope to do with it!
  11. Great new kicks...congrats!
  12. haha I totally agree with Cornflake. Gorgeous wallet and cute shoes--I don't see any reason why you can't wear/use them together!
  13. What a great purchase!