My Gold Python Jimmy Choo

  1. I have just got these new Jimmy Choo to go with my new LE Zucca spy, very comfortable shoe and the zip at the back is so cute.
    138_3813.JPG 138_3809.JPG 138_3812.JPG 138_3810.JPG
  2. i love ur shoesss!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!

    btw, did u have to go a size up for these particular shoes? or is it true to size?
  3. Gorgeous shoe! :tup:
  4. Mimi23, I went up 1/2 a size and they fit fine, I did try on a whole size up but they was to big.

    The brown on the shoes is exactly the same brown on my LE Zucca spy, but for some reason not showing that in the picture. These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, but had to have them as will look stunning with thick black tights and black skirt or with jeans
  5. I love them! They are fabulous!!!

    I also find Jimmy Choos extremely comfortable.
  6. Thank you compulsivepurse.

    I have add more photos, as you cannot really see the gold in the first ones.

    These shoes look stunning with thick black tights and a black skirt they also look great with jeans.
    138_3814.JPG 138_3820.JPG 138_3815.JPG 138_3818.JPG 138_3808.JPG