my gold multi and zip clutch! (pics)

  1. i posted about my gold multi a little while ago and i thought i'd update with pics! i also got a new zip clutch! i LOVE the color! it matches my phone. :smile: i believe the color is cherry blossom--correct me if i'm wrong. :yes:

    here they are! :cutesy:


    *ignore the pochacco tin box from like 5th grade in the background! hehe.
  2. Hearfelt,

    Both pieces are beautiful!!! Congrats! =) Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. =)

    Yes, I believe your clutch is cherry blossom.

  3. So pretty! Congrats on both. I just love the zip clutches!
  4. tooo cute!!
  5. Oh how cute! hehe, love the colour matching.
  6. Cute! I love the zip clutch, fabulous color. I have a zip clutch in graphite, the best wallet ever!
  7. thanks ladies!! :smile: i loooove the cherry blossom color! it just pops out at you. wooo! :biggrin:
  8. Cute! I love it!
  9. that pict makes me want both TOO MUCH..
  10. Love, love, love the zip clutch!