My Gold Miroir Cosmetics Case!!!

  1. Got a call today from a store I don't usually buy from, and the sweet SA told me one gold miroir case had arrived for me, and I can pick it up today! So my sweet bf kindly drove me the hour's distance there to get my long-awaited baby :love::love: ENjoy the pics! Thanks to Label Addict's modelling pics which cemented my decision to get her :flowers: I AM SOOOO HAPPY :yahoo::yahoo:
    Cosmetics case 002.jpg Cosmetics case 003.jpg Cosmetics case 006.jpg
  2. She's blingtastic! Congratulations!
  3. Stunning! Congrats!!!!
  4. CONGRATS >>> now you need the silver one:graucho: It is beautiful:love:
  5. Thank you Lover, Kaiie and Shalomjude! Shalomjude, I'm not a greedy person! :lol:
  6. very nice :tup: congrats!!!
  7. Where are those modelling photos;)
  8. Modelling pics coming, actually! My doggie will also make an appearance :p
  9. Congrats !!! It's Beautiful!!!
  10. Fabulous!!!! Congrats!
  11. Here is a modelling pic, a better pic of the gold colour (bf changed to a better camera :shame:smile:, and two modellings pics of my doggie :love:
    Cosmetics case2 020-1.jpg Cosmetics case2 007-1.jpg Cosmetics case2 015-1.jpg Cosmetics case2 018-1.jpg
  12. ^^ You look STUNNING >>>> it is a good size too:tup: Your puppy is so cute and a great model as well ... wish my dog was that clean:shame:
  13. so beautiful! congrats :smile:
  14. its a gorgeous purchase..:tup:
  15. its TDF!