My Gold Madison **PICS**

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  1. Well, I am not much of a gold person, nor am I much of a patent person either, so don't ask why I bought one that is both. I just received this from a sweet SA in Boston. I love the size and style. Not so sure about the color. I would rather is be more of a bronze gold but it is a little on the brassy side. It's growing on me though... what do you guys think? I took lots of pics!!

    Modeling pics to follow...

  2. Oh, u finally got it! when i saw it in person, i quite liked it.can't wait for your modeling pix. :smile:
  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. It's definitely different. I didn't care for the color when I first took it out of the box, but it's growing on me. I love the size though. It's pretty roomy for a small bag. Seems larger on the inside compared to the classic size flap.

  5. HOLY COW, u look AMAZING!
    yeah, when i saw the bag in person, I couldn't believe how roomy it was. It look really good on you! but then, i think anything looks good on you.
  6. Congrats on your bag. Enjoy!!!!!
  7. you are waaayy to kind. Thank you! Did you see any other colors in this style? As much as I dislike patent, the nice thing is I think it will hold up better than leather.
  8. Thank you Michele. Have a great weekend. :smile:
  9. OMG Gigi! I think the bag looks stunning on you! It looks so classy w/your black outfit. You're totally rocking that bag! I spot Chanel pearls. :heart:
  10. Thank you!!

    Yes, I have my Chanel pearls on. I :heart: them!! I thought I saw you rocking them in one of your pictures as well. Are they the same ones?
  11. imgg you look absolutely gorgeous and the bag is stunning!:yahoo:I'm glad you like it-I loved the gold but since I have missed it I got the white jumbo lamb softest leather ever!
  12. you look so elegant and pretty. and the bag is HOT!

  13. Yes, :yes: and I absolutely love them. They look gorgeous on you!
  14. It's a great classic piece. They looked spectacular on you.
  15. That bag is TDF!!!!

    Congrats :yahoo:!