My Gold Kelly and Some H Accessories Too!

  1. Well, here's the bag I've been waiting for. I had some problems with the shipping, but thank goodness it's here, finally!

    Here is my Gold 32cm Togo Kelly with PH. Also, some accessories I picked up at the NYC H Boutique last week!:heart: I'm adding a side by side comparison with my 32 Potiron Plume as well.

    I'm loving this! Can't wait for more!:graucho:
    kelly.jpg kelly side.jpg kelly back.jpg kelly plume front.jpg kelly plume side.jpg bolduc orange.jpg bolduc brown.jpg H enamel bracelet.jpg H enamel bracelet 2.jpg
  2. You hit the jackpot!!!

    Love it! It is super Tuesday and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


    I love all the accessories as well...great taste you have addicted.
  3. What can I say, they are all stunning!
  4. :biggrin: Thanks kellybag! I'm pretty excited about all this stuff. And, I got a scarf book too so I think I'm going to go crazy with these things! I LOVE them!!! Wore a scarf today, though not an H scarf. I want these bolduc ones to stay new for a little bit longer!:lol:
  5. OMG Addicted! How beautiful! You certainly DID hit the jackpot! I love everything and you have great taste. Open that champagne and celebrate!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks sarah and shopmom! I think it's easy to have good taste when you have Hermes! ha ha! We all have great taste!

    I forgot about the bubbly! *clink* to you all!
  7. Hey, our Kellys are twins. Congratulations!! I love all of your other goodies too.
  8. Ooh! Congrats! The Kelly is beautiful, and I love your other items too. Enjoy!
  9. I took another peek...this is really a happy thread with true beauties. I love them! You are very fortunate.

    Send some luck my way addicted!
  10. Everything is just beautiful!!! I especially love your Kelly!!!
  11. Congrats Addicted! Those are great finds! You'll love them for years :biggrin:
  12. dianagrace - We are twins! How cool is that?

    tammy, jessdressed, wicked - thanks for your compliments!:P
  13. Congratulations, addicted! Your new Kelly is beautiful and classic!
  14. Enjoy your beautiful Kelly and gorgeous scarves!! How nice!!
  15. Enjoy your goodies!! Very nice everything - would love a pic of your bracelet on your arm?!!!