my "Gold Heart"

  1. I finally have a chance to post some picture of my "Gold Heart".
    I picked my :heart: up on Saturday after I got a late call from SA on Friday night.

    Anyway, My lovely SA got the :heart: out for me and I asked her to see the rest of the :heart:s. So, I got to see all the colors included the cosmetics cases (they just got them in that day) But I decided not to get any cosmetic cases because I don't know what to do it it.

    Honestly, I keep buying stuff lately and I only use 1 or 2 since I got them. Everything else is peacefully in the box in the closet.

    I also got a big chance to look into the lookbook and waitlisted for WATERCOLOR speedy in both colors-- I couldn't decide which one I like most. So my SA said just waitlist both and see which one you possibly like most when I see them IRL. I was so happy that she was so nice to me (she always is anyway)

    talk too much..
    here are the pics of my


  2. tada-- my shinny heart


  3. I tried her on my Neverfull that day


  4. too shinny in the sunny day


  5. Congrats!!!! Love the heart!
  6. still too shinny inside without flash!



    that's all girls... I am so happy- even though I had to buy it myself.
    Cuz my bf is so BROKE! or you can call him "CHEAP" ....LOLz
  7. Beautiful, congrats!
  8. Congratulations! She looks gorgeous on your neverful.
  9. Enjoy! It looks great on your neverfull!
  10. ooohhh its soo cuute!! what colors do they have and how much does it cost ? i wana get one for my neverful!
  11. lovely, congrats!
  12. very shiny, indeed!!! :lol: congrats!

  13. I paid $410.??

    I saw them in gold, silver, red, purple, and dark purple.
    They are all lovely- i want to get all but everything was on hold for someone else.
  14. aaah *jealousSss* it looks so pretty!! congrats =D
  15. Thank you everyone for viewing and loving commenting...

    Have a Happy Heart Day :biggrin: