My gold flats came!

  1. Finally!!! They are gorgeous, but too big. Will be returning them for a smaller size. Too bad because I'd love to wear them today! :sad:
    gold 004 467x350.jpg gold 006 467x350.jpg
  2. Theses are so gorgeous!
  3. So how does the sizing run? TTS or the usual CL half size up?
  4. Very pretty :love:
  5. I'm a US 8, usually a 38.5 in CLs, and these are a 39. My 38.5 in the nude patent were too tight, so hell, I don't know. :crybaby: I thought of pads and heel grips for these, but there's just too much gapping on the sides and heel...see.
    gold 014 467x350.jpg
  6. booo I'm sorry they didnt work out for you, but at least your new pair will and will look great too!
  7. Ack! I hate that--I've had a similar prob with my decolletes.

    It's maddening, esp when you have such a pretty pair of shoes like those!
  8. darn it..too bad...they are too cute...i love em
  9. I'm glad you got them and that Barneys did not cancel your order. Figures it would be too big. I feel like something always has to go wrong when I order from Barneys. I hope the 38.5 fits better. The material looks softer than the nude patent, so maybe it won't hurt as much. I am sure you've got other cute stuff to wear for today.
  10. Oh dear! At least they came!! Do they have a smaller size?? Happy v Day to you!!!
  11. I have the graffiti flats in a 38.5 (my TTS is a 38). The 38.5 should fit you then!