My Gold Bracelet Bag has a new sister! Come see pics

  1. I am still so in love with Chloe Bracelet bags - they really are a work of art and so stunning.

    Anyhow I received a new green this week to keep my gold company!

  2. Awww... They are so beautiful, secret! :love: Are these the only two bracelet bags you have left?
  3. Yup LB thats it - they are actually the only 2 Chloes I have left - feel a fraud being on this forum!!
  4. With two, you have more than me. :biggrin: So if you're a fraud, what does that make me? :sweatdrop: Hehee... I'm glad you kept at least one your original bracelet bags, they are truly beautiful. You see a lot paddies, but these are so unique.
  5. aw thanks LB - its just compared to what I had its tiny!!!
  6. Ihave to say that the green is to die for. Both of them are!! You didn't want your Chloe bags any more?
  7. Aw thanks Divnanta

    It wasnt that I didnt want them anymore its just my Chanel obsession took over so I got rid of all my paddies.
  8. och they look stunning together ;)

    beautiful, and look perfect together hee hee :biggrin:
  9. they're so beautiful! so glad the gold one has a friend now:tup:
  10. This is something I have to get the hang of if I am going to continue buying bags like I have been this year - selling them. Of course I understand the new obsession with Chanel! Creme de la creme stuff. But it would be hard to part with old Chloe loves just yet for say....a BIRKIN??? Nooooo. That would mean only having ONE bag. YIKES!
  11. So pretty S! I'm glad you have these two beauties still in your collection :tup:

    I totally understand the Chanel obsession as well! Chanel and Bottega Veneta have got me all :wtf: and :nuts: this season! lol!
  12. Those two bracelet bags are really beautiful, what sort of size are they? Kind of evening bag/ medium clutch bag sized?
  13. aww s~ they look so happy together! I've been on a chanel binge too, but I can't ever give up the bracelet bags... or the cbloe forum as well!
  14. What happened to all those other ones you had??
  15. I love them! They're so perfect!