My Gold Bar Clutch has finally arrived!

  1. Mr Postman delivered her to me this afternoon! I bought her off eBay for $600! She's used but in good condition and comes with everything. I wouldn't be able to afford her at full price anyway - $1,925!! She's from the 2006P collection and she's such an adorable little baby!:heart: I post a picture of her alongside my other two clutches for comparison.

    I have been purchasing and selling items on eBay since 1998 and the seller of this little baby gave me the most painful experience I have ever had....... I don't think I will ever buy from him/her...:nogood: (unless of course he happens to have the Union Jack flap...)!
    Chanel 2006P Gold Bar Clutcha.jpg Chanel 2006P Gold Bar Clutch 3a.jpg Chanel 2006P Golc Bar Clutch2a.jpg Clutch Familya.jpg
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a painful eBay experience, but.....that is one shiny gold GORGEOUS clutch! I love it and it is totally NOW and stylish what with all of the new shapes and crystals that they have on clutches now.

    Thanks for showing, I've never seen that one before - FAB!
  3. so sorry to hear about your painful experience...

    and congrats on your gold bar clutch! enjoy!
  4. $600 for a gold bar clutch, painful experience aside, is an awesome deal!

    It's gorgeous.
  5. what a beautiful gold bar clutch!
  6. oh geeze, sorry to hear about your bad experience with the seller!! at least you got a great bag for a great price!!

    and i lovee your other clutches too!
  7. What a cute little clutch! Very cleverly designed and I haven't seen one until now. Thanks for sharing!
  8. aww I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the seller!!
    but your new clutch is adorable!! congrats!
  9. so YOU are the winner eh? I've been eyeing forever, gald you grab it! :nuts: She looks lovely :yes:
  10. [​IMG]




    Great buy, congrats:yahoo::yahoo:

    Love all your clutches esp the red/black lambskin:drool::drool:
  11. Indeed!

    The auction itself went smoothly. I was expecting some crazy bids being put in in the last few seconds but it did not happen and that freaked me out actually.........:wtf:

    (I watched an auction war from afar last night for an Olsen Chanel tote in a foreign website...blimey, some people are really prepared to pay an arm and a leg to get that bag...:sweatdrop:.)
  12. :yahoo: everyone is chasing down flaps/reissues, your baby is meant to be :flowers:
  13. sorry to hear abt the bad experience; nonetheless it was worth it for the lovely addition to ur clutch family! congrats!!!
  14. I really love your gold bar clutch...and am glad you got her at a great price!!!! In the end, despite the trouble, the bag speaks for itself!!! Congrats.
  15. stunning! ~ congrats miffy! ~ kwym ~ ebay can be such a stressful experience! ~ but you have your gorgeous clutch now ~ :woohoo: