My goddess :) I need to share these beauties!


Rational Narcissist
Sep 11, 2008
:yahoo:Thanks everyone for commenting :heart: My BF calls it the trophy shoes :roflmfao::roflmfao: :yes:

Stinas, I will post modeling pic tomorrow :smile:
tuna lala, they were 228? or something around there :drool:
mistyknightwin, turthfully i wasn't expecting it to be wearable :roflmfao: i just loved looking at it. But yes i can actually wear them! :nuts: It's suprisingly comfortable for the height. The heel actually isn't even an issue, it's more of the heel strap that's a bit low but hopefully that will change over time and it'll be a better grip for the back of my foot.
Not a pair of shoes you want to run in but stand and admire...