My god~~ I received my first fake wallet~

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  1. I've purchased a Chanel wallet. Took the seller over two weeks to mail it to me. So I already had a bad feeling about this. Even though the seller has more than two hundred positive feedbacks and zero negative, I still feel alittle worried. When I got the wallet from UPS today. I immediately took my camera out and filmed the whole process of me opening up the box and took out the fake wallet. I'm not a expert in identifying the wallet but for a newby like me, I can immediately spot that the leather of the wallet was not like Chanel ones. And the lining were rough... It was definitely fake!!

    So I've called my AMEX to file a chargeback~

    Does anyone have any similar experience? Because I'm paid through google checkout system and I'm not familiar with it. Is there a chance that I wouldn't get my money back?:crybaby:
  2. Anyways... I immediately gave my seller a negative feedback.. and not surprised, she gave a a negative feedback as well..

    She told me that her item is authentic(how ironic).. so I replied to her that I will have My Poupette authenticate this wallet for me, and meanwhile I asked her for refund.

    She just replied me and told me that My Poupette is not an official authenticator and their authentication will hold no weight and means nothing. Sounds like she totally ignored my "Refund" part of the question.

    I'm freaking out~~ help~
  3. I think the best to do now is call AMEX and tell them you need to return a fake purchase. Follow their instructions of returning. Don't bother with My Poupette unless AMEX asked for a third party opinion. This seller is very experienced. If AMEX asks you to send this bag back, you don't need to inform the seller but for sure to mail it with signature required.

    I had a few fake purchases in the past and filed the claim via my CC. I never went through PayPal since they are all money driven.
  4. It's funny, the only people who say MyPoupette is not official and carries no weight are the replica sellers.
  5. What happens if the seller refuse to sign for the package?! what would I do?
  6. Make sure you don't do this backwards, which is what you're doing now. You need to file a claim with Paypal. If you don't do this first, Paypal will give you a hard time since you immediately filed a chargeback. If you do this, you will have less hassle.

    But the good news is that in my opinion, Amex currently has the best policies when you get a counterfeit item.
  7. File a claim with paypal first. Please do NOT send back the item until paypal or Amex tells you to do so. Do not send it if the seller asks.

    In the end, you may need to send the item back. You will need to send it with some sort of tracking info.
  8. ^^She said she used Google checkout which is why I'm assuming a chargeback has been initiated as Paypal was not used and it would not be covered in paypal protection.
  9. Yup she has done the right thing contacting her cc company first because I dont think google checkout has the same process as paypal.
  10. I agree, filing a chargeback with AMEX is the best idea. They have excellent CS and I think you will have very little problems getting your money back. Make sure you keep all documentation and photos/video that you've taken so far. Good luck to you!
  11. Ah, I missed that. Sorry. Obviously since the transaction wasn't done through paypal, the OP can't file through paypal. My error! :shame:
  12. That's good to hear that I have an excellent chance~~ I feel alot better now~~
  13. Good luck with everything! Even if the seller claims she didnt know it was fake - you will still get your money back as she needs to KNOW it is real to sell it.
  14. this is why i've been thinking about opening an Amex account.

    to the OP, i'm so sorry this is happening to you, but this is THE best place to go for advice like this!
  15. Was this a Cambon wallet by any chance? I follow the Chanel wallet auctions on eBay daily and have reported many counterfeits. And yes, sellers with 100% positive feedback sell counterfeit items. If their buyers are uneducated consumers, they automatically assume that the positive feedback guarantees authenticity.

    It is almost impossible to sell a genuine Chanel wallet amongst all the inexpensive fakes. An authentic Cambon wallet retails for $615. If I listed mine, which is brand new, I would never get close to that amount.