My goal: walk 5+ miles a day before I start my new job!

  1. Hey all!

    OK, many of you know I lost my job in late June and have been unemployed since. BUT I got a great new gig recently (yay!) and start just after Labor Day.

    Well, other than cleaning out closets and playing hockey a couple nights a week I have not been exercising despite all this extra time on my hands. I have a fab gym nearby but I tend to only go in f/w when our weather turns bad.

    SO, I've vowed to get off my a$$ and get back to brisk walking around my neighborhood...a very hilly one so that means incredible cardio. When I first moved here I walked 5-7 miles a day for about 3-4 months and dropped 35 lbs! :nuts:. Now I haven't gained it all back but I'm at that "certain age" where your body shape starts changing and it takes more effort to keep everything looking good!

    I've gone 5+ miles the past two days and as long as our weather holds up I'm keeping it up at least into early Sept. :wlae: TIA for your support! :heart:
  2. Good luck and congrats on the new job!
  3. This sounds like a good plan! Walking for me is pure enjoyment. It's a good time to listen to music, admire the neighbor's gardens, think, whatever. And so healthy! No stress to the bones!

    I hope you enjoy your new routine and best of luck with your new job!
  4. Good for you. Ya know, I heard once, from that Doctor on the Oprah show, that it's a myth your metabolism slows down as you age. According to him, it only slows about 3%. So, you should be able to get back into fabulous shape as long as you keep the walking up.
  5. ^^ thanks, everyone! Hey I figured if I post it here I've really gotta carry through on it, KWIM? 5 miles with the hilly route here takes about 90 minutes so it's really not that much time at all.

    leelee, ITA it's perfect to see the neighbors, admire yardwork (or not, lol), get inspired and bring iPod or not.

    lelgin, I hadn't heard that before...interesting!! I will post back here later with my progress! I'm not so concerned as much about weight but more about fitness...I'm in good shape cardio-wise but I'm starting to get a little thick around my middle...not too much but enough to where I notice and clothes aren't fitting like they used to. Gotta fight it off!

    Cheers, everyone!!
  6. That sounds great! Plus your new job will give you more structure in the day, so that you can plan your walks. I've also found that doing my cardio first-thing in the morning works best to keep the weight off.
  7. Good for you Pursegrll, I did 5 mins fast on the treadmill yesterday it nearly killed me LOL Keep up the good work I am determined to get off my a** also!
    Good luck in the new job, delighted for you!
  8. Good luck!!

    I am a former runner(injuries) and now walk all the time. I walk 4-5 miles 6 days a week and love it.
  9. wow -- great job -- i need to do this too.
  10. When I was going through my divorce I used to get up, throw on some sweats, and say to myself, "I think I'll walk to XXX today". I did this every day for a week or so--I had flown back East to get my head together and was staying at my parents' house. I walked and walked and thought and thought and by the time I flew back to CA to deal with my marriage falling apart, I was totally prepared--I had a Plan A and a Plan B. Anyway, the point is when I moved back east permanently I drove some of the routes I had walked, just out of curiosity. I was walking on average 18 miles a day!!!!! Walking is awesome! I think you've inspired me to start again (maybe not 18 miles a day though)!
  11. Hey Pursegrrl! How is the walking going! Have you started the new job yet? Wishing you great success!
  12. Thanks, florasun and all you amazing tPF ladies! I'm still at it...5 miles and about 90 minutes. Thankfully for now our weather is holding up great so I'm determined to stick with this rather than hit the gym. Our summers are pretty short here in the Northwest so I have this urge to 'soak up' heat and get outside (sunscreen of course, I'm super pale!).

    New job starts just after labor day!

    Tonight was the exception as I usually have a hockey scrimmage midweek! So it was an hour of hard, hard skating and it uses totally different muscles from walking. I'm going to be really feeling it tomorrow, oh boy.

    But I WILL walk again tomorrow. I finally got an armband case for my iPod so that will help tons.

    thanks everyone!! :wlae: