My Go-out-have-fun night!

  1. as some of you gals know, i got hit with a pneumonia like infection recently.... so i've been tired and drugged out in bed.

    For the first time in the last 3 weeks, i felt like i had some energy to go out....

    So my girlfriend calls me and says they're going out to a bar. Great! Told her I'll join them after dinner....

    I call her after dinner and she tells me which bar they're at. I dress up in club/bar gear... simple black dress, make up.... i take a cab to the bar... there's lots of traffic... understandable... it's a weekend night after all....

    Never been to this bar so i get there and i'm looking for it.... walking up and down the block trying to look for this tiny elusive bar...

    I had to ask 3 ppl where the bar was and FINALLY found it... By the time i get there, it's about 1.5 hours since i called her.

    i walk around the bar TWICE and i can't find my friends but i spy cute place, good looking guys:graucho:.... OK there's potential for an interesting night, i tell myself!

    So i call her and ask her "which part of the bar are you guys at?? I can't find you!!" and you know what she tells me...

    "OOPS... we left, i got drunk.... Am puking ... in the cab on the way back home!! sorry gal! " :wtf:

    At this point, I'm totally cracking up about the story of my life... i try to go out for once in a long term and my gf gets totally drunk and leaves before i arrive!!! LOL :yes:

    I'm like, heck, i'm dressed up with no one and no where to go... so you know what i end up doing?

    I head to the MacDonald's nearby that's open late and have a drink (read: COKE) by myself:roflmfao:

    So that was my fun weekend night out... :p
  2. LOL! You should have gone and sat by those cute guys. ;)

    I was also sick for three weeks straight! It was HORRIBLE. I was never ever sick for that long.

    Glad you and I are both feeling better. I hope your next night out is successful!
  3. Cute story! Sh*t happens - you rolled with the punches. Good for you!:smile:
  4. U poor thing!LOL!.I wish I lived near ya..I woulda loved to grab a drink with u!

    On a side note...Next time...Flirt with the cute dudes...LMAO...U never know!!!!!
  5. Oh girl!

    I would have done the exact same thing!
  6. Hey Gals, thanks for sharing in my crazy night out LOL

    I tell you some of those guys were cute!!:rolleyes:

    I do sometimes go to a bar on my own but I wasn't in the right state of mind. I didn't know if the bartenders were friendly there since i'd never been there and I was feeling too nervous and not too confident. I wasn't looking to be picked up but i'd probably would have been upset if no one came up to talk to me. LOL.

    So MacDonalds was safe AND cheap =) (experiencing tight budget now :push:smile:

    JILL: Aww thanks for offering to grab a drink with me! Here's one for now! :drinkup: I am VERY bad at flirting with guys... i'm ok if they approach me but i have no idea how to approach a cute random guy at a bar... LOL they didn't teach me that at school =P
  7. Awww sorry bubbles - I would definately have gone a few rounds of cocktails with you.

    Approaching the cute guys - you could have been totally honest and asked them if they had seen your girlfriends, cos she did have her phone turned off now didn't she ;)
  8. Hope your gal pals make it up to ya!
  9. Aww, I'm sorry you couldn't have a fun nite out. But sometimes a good Coke is therapy enough. Though, it probably would have been better if you could have shared one with one of those cute guys you saw!
  10. something very similar happened to me a few weeks ago! it was my first night up and around after i dislocated my ankle, and i drove downtown to meet my girlfriends at a bar, and they were nowhere to be found! i called, but one of their phones was broken and the other was out of battery, so i just went home, ha. turns out they were at a bar down the street instead, but the one whose phone was broken didn't know her phone wasn't recieving calls, so she just figured i was standing them up!

    but i am most definately going out tonight :smile:
  11. Awww bummer but you handled it well. I would have bought you a drink hon!
  12. Heya Bubbs glad to hear you sounding SO much happier and healthier! Too funny of a story...sorry your friend couldn't hold her booze long enough to wait for you, lol.

    YEAH HOT GUYS!! I'll drink to that, baby.
  13. Riffraff, Shushopn, Pursegrrl -- Thanks for those Drinks!! LOL :tispy: I hope to be able to grab drinks you gals some time!!

    RiffRaff - Well that WOULD be true that my gfs were nowhere to be found and had their cell off but i would be SO BEET RED using that line.... :shame: i would be like, OMG, he can totally see through that line.... Hehehehe

    Amanda - i hope you had a good night out!! =)

    PurseGrrl - I can handle the small stuff in life, i just don't handle the big stuff in life that go wrong well.... LOL

    Wild Orchid - It would have been more fun to have spent the night chatting with cute guys but Oh well. another time i guess!

    Sweetpea - I called one gf the next day to see if she was ok coss she was upset about something the night before. she thought it was strange that i was calling to check on her so i don't think she'll be making it up to me ... LOL

    OK GALS, here's to hot guys :graucho: :drinkup: