My Glossy Ink Blue Francis has arrived!

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  1. I love this color!
  2. Love it!!
  3. Smashing!!! Beautiful bag, love that ink blue!
  4. Thanks gingeybear, starkfan, duranie70, asbb, lionlaw, and Euridice!

    gingeybear, you are welcome to look anytime, just no stealing. :P
  5. #20 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    Great color- the combination of the sheen and tone.

    I do wonder how long did it take for your bag to arrive from the date of the confirmed order?

    I'm not an impatient person about this; as a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind if it took two months, lol. My mother has been keeping track of the insane number of packages that has been dropped off at our door these past few months, so I can wait! Bags, bags, bags.
  6. I swear I won't steal..but can I try to clone it? Dang, that's purty!

    MG..I'm trying to behave...I need to focus on Fall..I really want a dark green pebbled smooshy bag with copper or rose gold toned hardware (I know..I know..hard to find..and I can't spring for the ones that are four or five figures..lust though I do..)...

    So far I've been good...rehomed some..going to rehome others..I have been staying away from TPF for the most part to avoid purse porn..and sales..and resisting temptation is easier this way..but between all the am beginning to I am going back to hide again..:P
  7. Thanks NagaJolokia! It took almost 2 months from final order to being in my hands. I ordered it around 5/15 and it arrived 7/8. Maria said it would have arrived a week earlier but apparently the shippers missed sending it out in the first shipment, so it was another week waiting. I'm just glad it arrived. It is very hard to wait so long. ;)

    gingeybear, you can be good! Hold off for the Fall. A dark green with rose gold hardware sounds divine! I hope you can find the perfect bag to fill your desires. :biggrin: I might have to go back to hiding myself if work doesn't pick up soon.
  8. The color is great! Thanks for the comparisons. It's as beautiful as I was afraid it would be!
  9. Simply Gorgeous! Wear it in good health.:biggrin:
  10. Thanks cathyfitz & JJ's Mama
  11. I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet! What a stunning blue! I love all your comparison shots too - so helpful. Congrats and enjoy!
  12. I love rose gold color hardwear! I wonder if Ignes might ever offer that?
  13. This leather looks great with silver hardware! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous - you are going to love that style and the color is stunning!
  15. beautiful beautiful bag! has it started to slouch or it retains its shape?