MY glass slipers...

  1. Finaly found the time to do this...
    23-04-07_1756.jpg alig.jpg BRONZO.jpg burb.jpg (OK they aren't authentic but still like them...) ck gold.jpg (calvin klein)
  2. ck red.jpg (calvin klein) D&G.jpg (My dear D&Gs!!!) danos gold.jpg naturale.jpg paral gr.jpg
  3. paral l.jpg PL.jpg sante black.jpg sante gold.jpg sante red.jpg
  4. nice!
  5. silver.jpg St.Tropez.jpg tweed.jpg zara br.jpg zara wh.jpg
  6. zara y.jpg zebra.jpg

    ...:sweatdrop:...still have more but maybe in the next days...
  7. great collection!
  8. :love: you should post these in our shoe collections thread
  9. very fun shoes! great variety
  10. thank you!