my girls

  1. I had a proud mommy moment...I love that they are FINALLY girls...:heart:
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  2. awwwwwwwwww they are too cute!!!
  3. What kind of puppies are they? They're so cute!

  4. They are Min love muffins...Oh my god...I can never have kids...these girls make my heart SING!
  5. They are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! I never really thought I liked little dogs, but I have been changing my ways- I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :love:
  6. Very cute :biggrin:
  7. Cute dogs!
  8. aww..I used to have min pins, we bred them. They are soo cute..I also love your view!
  9. I :heart: dogs... they are adorable
  10. aww is your other one called a fawn????? a friend of mine use to have a dobbie that was a fawn...cutest looking fellla!! your dogs are so cute!
  11. Yes...Lilly is a fawn...she is 3 months old...So pretty...
  12. They are so adorable, there dobermans right ? I had a very large doberman called Thor years ago, I had him adopted, by a very nice couple in New York. I had to move to CA and the house i rented did not want animals.
  13. awwwww very cute dogs
  14. they look like dobies...but MUCH smaller!! AND a handful!!!!
  15. Aw, how sweet they are together! I don't think my pug and my cat will ever be friends:cry: .