My Girls

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  1. Alright, I couldn't resist. Took me a while to decide, and I have yet to take pictures of my bag, except for this one, just cause my brother couldn't believe how much I spent and had to take a I'm going to do this slow and post my collection up bit by bit. :love: So work in masterpiece will be finished shortly......... :shame:

  2. Ohhh this is like a strip tease, piece by piece ;P

    I'm loving the first piece!
  3. nice pic, i love that bag!
  4. Here goes again, and here's what happen when there's a 'project' in my mind, I neglect my precious sleep and go snap happy with my Digital Cam...........forget about posting one by one, here goes my favorites, for now, at least......................................... :P

    My Newer Conquest
    Chloe.jpg Gucci.jpg Gucci Gold.jpg Quilty.jpg MJ.jpg
  5. My CD's and LV's
    Dior Hobo.jpg Dior Saddle.jpg Reporter.jpg Looping.jpg
  6. My other Precious
    Cole.jpg Coach.jpg Tods.jpg Botkier.jpg Furla.jpg
  7. oooooooooooo love the paddy~!

    oooooooooooooo love the pink gucci~!

    you like orange don't you?
  8. And one that I just Love....... :love:
    AK.jpg that's all for now folks :biggrin:
  9. Ooooh, my mouth is watering :love: Gorgeous collection bobojue!!
  10. Bobo, I love your Chanel... :nuts:
  11. Beautiful collection. I love the paddy and the Chanel :love:
  12. wow....i really love all your bags.....good taste
  13. Very funny! Almost choked on some tea!

    Love the collection!:love:
  14. Great collection, many beautiful bags to choose from.
  15. Cute :biggrin: I like the cambon, I wanted to get one but in the end it was too big for me and the smaller one looked too small.