My girlfriend's gift is here! (pics)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    The spy which I ordered for my girlfriend is finally here~ and you might remember I was torn between velvet and chocolate... and I took most people's advice here and went for the chocolate... because its so much more practical and is much more versitile...

    Also, there isn't much of a winter here in australia (it never snows or anything in sydney) so I thought the velvet bag, as nice as it is, would look out of place in australia for 80% of the year... (kinda like when i see a husky being walked by its owner in australia... looks like the husky only belongs here in the winter months)

    Anyways, thanks for all your advice and info whilst making my choice... I'm sure my girlfriend will be grateful to you guys for steering me in the right direction.

    I bought the spy from diabro who were very helpful... as promised Ive attached a couple of pics... (although everyone here has obviously seen a choc spy before)...

    The bag looks a bit lopsided (especially from the back) i think its how the bag was sitting in transit... is this normal?

    Again, thanks for all your kind words~



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  2. Hey congrats! You have made a wise choice. I have the chocolate too and I love her so much. I am from Sydney too! Congrats again and I am sure your gf will love it.
  3. Is it possible for you to take a photo of the hologram tag inside and serial leather number inside.
  4. Wooju, you made the right choice. I have seen the Chocolate Spy in person, it's gorgeous. I hope your girlfriend will love your gift. =)
  5. wooju, you are such a great boyfriend! Congrats to your great decision!
  6. You are a very thoughtful man. What a lovely gift; I think it's safe to say we're all jealous!

  7. Hi,
    couldn't get a very good shot of the hologram or the serial number because my lens on my camera not working too well... thanks for checking it out for me~

    By the way the serial number says:



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  8. Oh congrats! That is such a lovely bag! Did you have to pay any custom fees at all, since it would be over $1000AU? :shrugs:
  9. Also under the hologram the numbers read:

    the top bit of the numbers are slightly faded~
  10. nope~ no customs fees because they declared the bag to be worth $200 aud... which is good unless the bag gets lost~
  11. Great choice, I am sure youg gf will love it. Congrats!!!!!

  12. [​IMG]

    This is an older dark chocolate model. The bad thing is, no matter how well you take care of it...the leather will fade after awhile. I have this one so I know.
  13. EDITED: Wooju, pretty sure this bag is a fake, unfortunately!
  14. ^^^ I agree. I hate to be a kill-joy. The authenticity card doesn't look like any of my others.

    Also, the care card should have Nappa, Napa and then the japanese characters for what I assume is Nappa. Nevermind. See below.

    EDIT: My older care card does have Nappa, Nappa, and the japanese characters, so I'm not sure what season this one is from.

    1. Are there any letters before the hologram numbers?
    2. Is there anything on the authenticity card under the Refn?

    I'm perplexed because Diabro sells authentic. I'm sorry.
  15. Yes, I had heard about them selling authentic Balenciaga and Chloe, so this is really surprising. I don't know of anyone before who had bought Fendi from them. This bag has many markers of being a fake, though. Font is wrong on auth card, other things wrong with auth card (see this type of auth card on the good fakes, with the serif font and double-line description), hologram looks like it could be peeled off, serial number printed on instead of stitched, no A on serial tag.

    , I am soooo sorry this has happened!