My girl is all dressed up!

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  1. i got the scarf at Dillards and i could not pass it up!!!! $11!!!!:yahoo:[​IMG]
  2. Awwwww....she looks adorable! That is quite a steal! Wish I had a Dillards near me!!!
  3. My Dillards never has deals that good. Congrats!
  4. very cute!
  5. Adorable! And what a buy. I never find anything on a sale that great around here.
  6. $11! Good stuff.
  7. Very cute and great price!
  8. Lucky you , that is a cute scarf and I looks pretty on your tote
  9. wow, that really is some price...11 bucks for a ponytail!!
    do they have it in other colors?
    btw, that's a pefectly tied bow!:tup:
  10. That is a great price and it looks great with your bag.
  11. We need Dillards up North!!!
  12. Looks great! And again I am green with envy over the Dillard's there no end to their madness?! Of course I'm only complaining because we don't have one anywhere near here...grrrrrr...
  13. How fun!
  14. It matches the bag beautifully :love:
  15. I had no idea Dillard's had scarves... I actually asked the SA about keyfobs/charms today and she showed me that they had 2 at that store but neither were on sale. :sad: