My Gigi vs. Luci scientific experiment pics

  1. Have them both in hand, so I thought I would post some comparison pictures.

    I have pretty much made a decision, but I would love feedback from the pros. :flowers:

    Despite thinking Luci is the most chic Coach bag I have seen in a long time, I think the Gigi is pretty darn cool as well. Due to my height (5'8") and the way that the bags hang on my shoulder (Miss Gigi having wayyy more clearance vs. Ms. Luci) and where they hang to on my body, (Luci is shorter and wider, Gigi is longer and more narrow) I really believe that Gigi is the style best for me. I can't/won't keep both, even if they were different colors.

    Also, with the Gigi, I can pick up the bag and swing it on my shoulder with using only one hand. With Luci, it takes two to get it on my shoulder. I have a bag or two now that requires two hands, and it gets annoying while shopping, etc.

    OK, enough blabbering...modeling pics will be in the next post.

    ...........Luci.....................Gigi................side by side...........bottoms :shame:
    Luci3P2212204.JPG gigi3P2212203.JPG sidebyside1P2212206.JPG bottomsidebysideP2212209.JPG
  2. Cute bags.. always the best to just order both when your in doubt lol
  3. Sorry for the's dark and my bathroom is a browny-mustard color.

    The color of the Luci is pretty good indicator of the true color.
    gigi1P2212195.JPG gigi2P2212199.JPG luci1P2212196.JPG Luci2P2212197.JPG Coach GIGI.jpg
  4. Great bags! I used to own the Gigi in clay, but returned it because it kept folding over in the middle. I could kick myself now, because I was so in love (still am) with the clay color! I love the Luci too, but I have a Miranda and would love a francine, and they are all pretty similiar.

    BTW what color is this? Is it the walnut? Beautiful!
  5. I like the gigi on you... It looks like its more comfortable- your arm seems to be sticking out over the luci more and that might get annoying while carrying it for long periods of time.
  6. I personally like the gigi on you better. But both are beautiful!
  7. They are both great bags, but I have to say, that Luci is awesome! She is unique and very classy. I guess I would get the Luci, due to the uniqueness and I view the Gigi as a tote, and I see leather totes all the time. Plus I really like how she(luci) hangs/looks on you. The only way I would get the Gigi would be in the Grey - and I too can kick myself for not getting a grey bag when they were out.

    Oh, i should probably add, i am satchel girl at :heart:

    jmo - either way you cannot go wrong, they both look fab on you! Oh, and can I like live in your bathroom - beautiful!!!
  8. Thank you!

    Yes, they are both walnut. I know I could get a whiskey Gigi on auction for cheaper, but I already have a whiskey Mandy...

    I can see how the Gigi could fold over...but you know what? When you take the stuffing out of the Luci, and only have enough items to cover the bottom of the inside, it too folds over! It almost needs stiffer leather for the domed satchel style.

    I don't think I'll mind if the Gigi folds just means, to me, the leather is getting squishier! :heart::heart:
  9. First off, both bags are GORGEOUS! I love both styles... I could never pull of the Gigi like you though... definitely a perfect size for your slender figure! They both look really great, but if I had to pick one, I would say that you should keep the Gigi... the Luci looks a little bulky (not sure if there is stuff in there or not, but even when full I"m sure it will be that way).... My vote is defintely for the Gigi! Congrats on which ever bag you decide to keep! :tup:
  10. I prefer the Gigi, both in general and on you.
  11. Oh don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Luci. It's bittersweet for me, it just isn't comfy for me to carry.

    I like satchels too, but am a shoulder bag girl at :heart:!! he he

    Thank you for your help. :flowers: just can't see the big pile of laundry in the corner. :graucho:
  12. I agree with you. I had the same issue with the LV Saleya MM. With the wide bottom hitting just at the right spot, my arm looks like it's flailing around in the wind! :roflmfao:
  13. Thank you for your help!

  14. Yep, the Luci was still stuffed, but so was the Gigi, although not as compactly.

    Thank you! :flowers:
  15. Thanks! ;)