My Gigi came damaged! What do I do?*UPDATE*

  1. Hi all,
    As you might remember, I purchased a black leather Gigi from eBay. Well, it arrived today and the leather is cut above the left front pocket. This isn't a surface scape, but a full on cut and the top layer of leather seems to be pulling away at the sight. I'm so upset. I contacted the seller and requested a refund and for her to pay the return shipment fee. What do I do if she refuses? I was pretty confident with the seller since I had purchased from her before. :push:

    Here's a pic, it's hard to get it in a good shot though.

  2. Sometimes things are missed by sellers who move alot of merchandise. Go back and take a closer look at the pics from the listing you won to see if anything is noticeable. If not, it could be that they photo'd a different bag than the one that was sent to you?

    Stand firm on your request to receive a full refund, plus return shipping. Be sure that your return is Insured for more than $200, so it has to be signed for on the receiving end.

    I hope that everything works out for you and fairly. Good Luck...
  3. Did you pay with paypal? I think you can dispute it if you did. You could also try asking on the eBay forum. There's lots of gals that know more about how to deal with this type of issue. I hope it works out for you.
  4. Thanks for the info. I filed a complaint with Paypal, so we'll see what happens. This is a new seller, so my guess is that she won't want to risk her feedback rating. Hopefully the return shipping will be covered, but I doubt that. I now realize the pics in the auction were done in such a way to hide the cut. I'm really disappointed, but just want my money back now.
  5. I am so sorry this happened to you! I would definetly do what the first two ladies have said. I really hope you get this resolved.
  6. Hi all,
    Good news. The seller asked that I send the product back to her and she will credit me with a full refund. I also said that I want return shipping paid for, but I'm not clear if she will pay for that. English doesn't seem to be easy for her and she said that I shouldn't worry and will get all of my money back. She didn't seem too thrilled that I filed through PayPal, but for $400, I wanted to protect myself. So....I will ship it back this afternoon and will hopefully get a credit shortly thereafter. So now, I have some extra cash and already had a trip set up for the outlets this weekend. Suddenly my ban is feeling weak!
  7. WOW~ How disappointing...I am glad that you filed a complaint with Paypal...It won't affect her if she refunds your money. It will then establish it as Case Closed. But it's the best way to protect yourself...And it's the only way I pay with eBay auctions...Glad that the sellers taking care of it. But as you say...You contacted Paypal...This puts a fear into sellers I would think...Good for you! And I am glad it seems like it will resolve itself with your getting your money.

    When I had a claim...The seller also refunded me shipping. I don't know if it's Paypal's policy...Or the fact the fear of Paypal breathing down their backs...That they want to resolve it soon as possible. But it works for me~
  8. If you file with Paypal as SNAD (Signficantly not as described), you should get all of your money back including shipping. If the cut on the bag was not pictured and not described, I would think that should qualify as SNAD.
  9. You will get the shipping you paid to the seller to initially send you the bag, but the return shipping is your expense. Make sure to send it insured and delivery confirmation (since the insurance is over $200, they automatically have to sign for it, so signature confirmation is not necessary). Good luck!
  10. I just returned from the post office and mailed the bag back. I sent it priority mail with insurance ($400) and e-mail confirmation. The cost of shipping was $16. I can deal with $16 loss, but the seller has been great so far and told me not to worry and that I will get all of my money back. She actually e-mailed me this morning to see if I had sent it back yet. She's a new seller on eBay and trying to get a lot of good feedback. I specifically told her that I would not give her negative feedback as long as my return and credit go smoothly. I probably just won't leave any feedback at all. I think the PayPal SNAD may have put some fear in her. The bag was not packaged well (just wrapped in one layer of tissue paper and the dust bag was INSIDE the bag) so it very well may have been damaged during shipment. Either way, it wasn't delivered as described as she did not disagree at all. Now let's hope the credit goes without issue!

    Thanks for all of your help!
  11. I am glad everything worked out for you! I went through a LONG process one time when I bought a bag that was bad. Let us know when you receive your credit!!!
  12. What is WITH these eBay sellers and crappy packing?! Both Mandy and my shoulder bag came crammed in a too-small box without covering!! SERIOUSLY!! If it weren't for retalitory feedback I would get on my account, I would leave them crappy feedback about their packaging!! Good luck on your return - hope all goes smoothly!

  13. I completely agree. I took more care packaging the return shipment than the seller did sending it out to me. Oh well, her loss. I am disappointed, but now just want to make sure that I get my $$ back!
  14. Hi all,

    As many of you might remember, I purchase a NWT black leather Gigi off of eBay recently. Well, it arrived last week and the leather was cut above one of the front pockets. I was very worried that the seller would not refund my $$.

    Based on the great advice here, I filed a SNAD with Paypal. I sent the package pack via USPS express mail (the original priority box got returned to my home!) and the seller received the package today. She promptly refunded the full amount including the original shipment cost to me. Unfortunately, I had to pay for the return shipment (around $30) but I guess that's my lesson learned!

    Thanks so much for the advice here. I received the bag exactly one week ago and already have the refund. tPF advice is great!


    Also, I would have posted this as a follow-up to my original thread, but can't find it. Any idea why we can't do searches or I can't find my historical threads/posts?

  15. glad you got your money back!
    and i was wondering the same thing about the search feature.