my gifts from LV

  1. i went to the boutique today to see how far i'm in getting the pomme couer (it might take a while :s) and got away with these. my first gifts from LV :yahoo:. want to share these with you guys. sorry about bad pics, as always pics are taken with my phone :p
    a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg
  2. Congrats!
  3. nice !
  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. cute, congrats!!
  7. cute!
  8. congratz!!
  9. ermmmm, what is that red cardboard thing?
  10. ^^ that the new receipt holder they give out for vday? looks like a koala wallet but cardboard...suuper cute!
  11. ooh, very nice!
  12. Cute! I'm waiting for my icons book to come in the mail, so excited! And the receipt holder is full of cuteness!
  13. thanks guys. it's good to finally get something from LV :p

    it's not a receipt holder, it's an envelope actually, in the shape of koala wallet :love:. i think with chinese new year just around the corner, it can be used as the red pocket. but i don't think i'll use it though.

    i haven't read the book yet, just flipped through to see pics. hope you get yours soon :yes:
  14. lovely! :love: congrats!:yahoo:
  15. That reciept is so cuuuute! :love: Congrats on nabbing the book, isn't it so neat!