My Gift To You Easter Edition!!!Cerises+Groom Desktop!!!

  1. Hey Boys and Girls I just realized I didn't give you guys anything for Easter:nuts: so I just made these two Desktop Backgrounds as my gift to you:yes: I hope you guys like them and use them on you'r work stations, home, cellphone's or whatever and spread the LV virus haha and take pics of how they look on you'r comp!:lol: enjoy:flowers:

    And if you guys say something nice I'll even consider making Damier+Azur even Geant:graucho:

    oh and if you have windows on the desktop properties select (center) image that's how it's meant to look do not choose tile it or full image IKWIM

  2. thank you so much
  3. So cute! Happy late Easter!
  4. Will make such a cute wallpaper! It's like I can literally feel the canvas!

    Thank-YoU for helpign spread the LV madness!
  5. welcome guys im glad you like it:yes:
  6. thankyou!!! the groom one is amazing!!! yes, please do an azur one! x
  7. Thank you soooo much!! Please do the Groom RED one too~:graucho::heart:!!!
  8. Its so cute! thanks!
  9. So cute, great idea! Thank yoU!

    I just put it on my screen and it looks so cute i can't even stand it!
  10. welcome and I will do Azur but it will take more time since I might have to start it from scratch:yes:
  11. Thanks so much! These are great. I'm using them on both my computers and my cell phone!
  12. How sweet! Great work!!