my gift to myself :)


Jan 3, 2007
My baby will be turning 1 on the 8th & I will be turning 33 on the 23rd. To celebrate my birthday & a year of being a mommy (including a year of exclusively pumping - phew! - i never thought i could do it ) ... I thought i would splurge on myself.

I initially was thinking of getting an H Herbag but after several attempts on trying to buy one on-line or thru a reseller (it was always sold by the time i decided to buy it.)... I thought maybe it is just not meant for me. Why not just get myself something that i really wanted - jewelry.

Visited the H. Stern boutique today to try on a few pieces ... & to check the earrings i've been eyeing for 6 months now... & to my surprise it was still there.. so i took the plunge & finally got it!

Presenting my earrings from the H. Stern Feathers collection, made of 18K brushed yellow gold... I can't believe it's really mine!!:yahoo:


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