my gift from my friend...!

  1. will be returned for store credit..but wanted to share pics with u all cuz i know all of us love pics!! :yahoo: this friend surely knows how to make me happy! :nuts:
    CIMG1127.JPG CIMG1128.JPG CIMG1129.JPG
  2. Awww wowo WHAT A SWEET friend!!!!!!
  3. That's a really great friends you've got!? What are you thinking of getting with the exchange $$?
  4. my friend always say...a real friend is one who knows how to make u happy...if u like louie, i'll give louie! :love:

    i have a damier pocket organizer to include with the store credit too...i think i will be getting either a ribera mini or a damier pap!

  5. :yes:

  6. awww that's very sweet! Can we share friends? lol
  7. ur so lucky
  8. um..sure!

    i'll let him know that he will get like 1000 new friends today! :nuts:

  9. What agreat friend! Have fun shopping!
  10. Wish I had a friend like that! :p We'll be waiting for the pics of the ribera/pap too!
  11. I wish my friend would do that for me! Looks gorgeous and enjoy it!
  12. :love:
  13. I have the 4 key version..very nice! I wish I had a friend who'd buy me LV haha.
    Any idea what you'll get with the credit?
  14. i have the 4 key version too..that's why im going to return it for store credit...

    damier pap or ribera mini..

  15. Great friend. Happy shopping.