My GHD Results: Before & After

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  1. I seriously never thought my hair could be straightened. I have naturally curly hair...and it's very thick.

    I took the plunge and bought a pink GHD on ebay and it's REAL!

    Here are the results!




  2. Congrats on your purchase! Your hair looks fantastic!
  3. Beautiful results!

    I also love my GHD, it's so easy to use and give good results every time.
  4. Wow - what a straightener!

    But I do like your hair curly as well!
  5. me too! I love curly hair! It looks great both ways IMO!
  6. LOVE! Do you use a heat activater? That will make it even glossier. I have very similar hair so I hear your pain. I love GHD I would not use anything else. The smaller the sections the better it works too. You look lovely....
  7. Nope, haven't bought anything yet. Any suggestions?

    I had to go back after taking the pics because I noticed a few lumpy sections in the back that I missed.
  8. Looks great. I am saving my pennies, so I can get a GHD too.
  9. Wow! Your hair looks fantastic! How long did it take you to straighten? Did you have to straighten small sections?

    I have thick slightly wavy hair and my current straightener doesn't do a good job and it takes forever! Maybe I should take the plunge and get a GHD:nuts:.
  10. awesome!!

    Before using the iron did you blow your hair straight first then use the iron?

    Definitely let us know your process and what products you used =)
  11. Took about 15 minutes. I did fairly large sections at first...but still had to go back and re-do in smaller sections.
  12. No blowing drying or anything. I had just gotten my hair cut...and there was no product or anything in it.

    Easiest straightening ever!

    I do probably need to get some sort of heat protectant though for the future.
  13. deleck - looks great! I looove my GHD too. I use Terax Life Drops as a leave-in conditioner (if I have to dry my hair prior to straightening) and mix in some Chi Silk Infusion as a heat protectant. The Chi Silk Infusion leaves my hair soft, shiny, and not fried.
  14. Wow, that's amazing! I have thick and mostly-wavy-but-slightly-curly-too hair that's a pain to style every morning. This only took you 15 minutes!? :nuts: Holy smokes, that look gorgeous! I just might have to invest in one. Thanks for posting pics, I'm sure this thread will help tons of girls out! :yes:
  15. your hair looks really great!! it's a great iron and it takes me less than 5 minutes to do my hair and it is long. my haircut made my hair very thin and it's so easy to straighten now. worth the money!