My GGH Part time Tomato

  1. :yahoo:this is my 2nd bbag
    and i love it so muchhhhh :heart:
    Tomato with GGH makes me love this bag at first sight :love:
    thick soft & smooth
    with flash
    no flash
    shoulder strap
    Thanks God for this bag
  2. hot! congrats on such a gorgeous bag. enjoy her.
  3. GORGEOUS BAG but your avatar is creeping me out!!
  4. :graucho: don't you think my eyes cute like a blythe doll :lol:
  5. Is the Part Time larger than the City but smaller than the Work? I want/need a size bigger than the city, but I'm not sure what it is - Bbag sizing is so confusing!:confused1:
  6. congrats! I'm working myself up to getting a PT someday too, gorgeous bag!
  7. Pretty!!
  8. love it!! and you avy is funny. lol!
  9. i think it's larger in the length but smaller in the height. and yes, smaller than the work.
  10. Beautiful bag...Congrats!

  11. :yes::sweatdrop:... it creeped me out too when i first saw it... congrats anyhow!
  12. city w15"xh10"xd3.5"
    part time w17"xh9"xd6"
    work w18"xh13"xd5" no strap
    i love part time because the strap can cross body me :okay:
  13. iyoyo u bought it from cute kloset website isnt?
    i saw that before it on christmas sale!!!
    cant believe there a thai in TDF
  14. Gorgeous!! Congrats! I really have to get me something in red.. it's amazing!
  15. :yes: yes i bought this from cute kloset
    nice to meet you too :lol: