My gf says that LV makes people look old...

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  1. My gf who is 49 years old told me that she thinks LV is a granny line (more inparticular the mono and daimer lines) and makes people look older. I told her that this site is filled with 20 somethings who adore LV. Also Madaonna (49 as well) and Sharon Stone (50 +) look fabulous and carry LV. What a negative impression to have of mono and daimer LV and people that carry those lines. The age and history of the mono and daimer canvas line are what drew me into those collections. I guess everyone has different taste...I was just suprised at her comments because I thought that LV is hip, chic and classic. One negative opinion will not change my mind.
  2. Frankly i dont care what people think. I have been told that my Mc speedy looks like it should be on barbie. I giggled and said well she has good taste. I love my bags and thats all that matters.
  3. I agree. I don't give a hoot what people think, I love what I love. Even if it's a crappy old canvas bag with skulls on it, I carry what I like. I don't personally think LV makes anyone look like anything other than a person carrying LV. If you look young - you look young - your bag isn't going to change that!

    And if you look old, you're going to look old even if you're carrying an Elmo lunchpail! :roflmfao:
  4. I know what you are saying. It just irks me a tad because I am so happy with all my new purchases and to get a comment like that just makes me think wow you do not get how fabulous these bags are. Not everyone is going to love LV the way that I do so, it is to be expected I suppose. Coming to tpf is cool because all of us on this thread are really into LV and understand the love of LV goodies.
  5. it really bugs me when you get a new item, are super excited about it, and someone with a "negative" attitude comes along and tries to take the wind out of your sails. don't worry about what your friend thinks. LV has been around alot longer than she, and will continue to be iconic long after she is gone. LONG LIVE LOUIS VUITTON!! :yahoo:
  6. my DH says the same thing that the mono canvas and the designs of the bags is for old people and he tells me to buy LV when I am retired. I tell him I should buy now because when I am retired LV will be really expensive!
  7. totally agree with you. Not every style is for everyone but its up to you. You buy what you like and you enjoy it, thats all that matters.
  8. Perhaps a jealous friend? Maybe thats the reason for the so called neg comment. If thats the case its sad.
    I think even if i didnt like a bag on someone or it wasnt their style, id be like congrat's on the new bag i hope *you* enjoy it.
    I dont like *every* lv made but then again i'm not going to give a neg comment because someone eles like what i dont.
    I dont think a bag makes you look older or younger. I think its more how you carry /feel about yourself.
  9. AMEN!!
  10. Actually, I would personally prefer my close friends to be totally honest with me whether they like something on me or not. That's what so fun shopping with my girlfriends! If I had wanted someone to say everything looks nice on me, I would have brought along a tired BF or DH who is more eager to go home than shopping with me! Lol...

    Anyway, I will always be happy for any of my friends who are excited over a new purchase even though I don't quite like it. I would say something like, "So happy for you that you have found THE bag! Though it's not my style/I think it is a bit too mature looking/more suited for barbie/etc, buy things that YOU like coz you are the one who's gonna use it after all!" :yes:
  11. same here! that is why i don't have many mono bags! i try to argue back it's classic, but that doesn't work!
  12. Agree, *if* i asked what do you think? I would expect and honest opinion good or bad.
    If i was out shopping with a friend and said thoughts ? I'd take her opinion but again maybe i love the bag.:shrugs:

  13. Oh, don't bother arguing... :rolleyes: We, true LV lovers, know better than them anyway. :queen: Lol...
  14. I started wearing LV when I was 16. Guess that must mean I was a granny then and a great great grandmother now. lol :lol:

    Who cares what others think especially people who are jealous of the fact one owns LV.

    Maybe, they can't afford it so they want everyone else to be miserable like them.:confused1:
  15. Carrying an LV bag doesn't say anything about your maturity or if you're old/ traditional at heart. Sure, many ladies and some elderly women carry LV bags. Just because the old carry the LV doesn't mean that the LV makes the carrier look old. :lol: